ATC Hi-Fi SPA 2-150

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As designers of the worlds most sophisticated loudspeaker drive units ATC are only too aware of the requirements for a power amplifier to properly drive a real loudspeaker load. The grounded source amplifier, with its novel swinging supply, best meets those requirements.

The SPA2-150 uses a grounded source output stage to deliver over 200w, driven by a buffer based on the discrete gain block which enables the SCA2 pre-amplifier to deliver such astonishing performance figures. Used in this way to drive the FET output stage, distortion components are more than 95db down under any conditions, ensuring totally clean and transparent sound with the effortless dynamics for which ATC is justly famous.

Input to the amplifier utilises a similar discrete gain block and offers both balanced and unbalanced capability for universal system matching. This input buffer, which completely eliminates integrated circuits, achieves the same levels of transparency as the famous ATC SCA2 pre amplifier.

The output stage of the SPA2-150 is continuously monitored by microcomputer and a carefully programmed limiter prevents amplifier clip and protects loudspeaker drive units.

Front panel indication of limiter operation is provided separately for each channel. Additionally the amplifier is monitored for over-temperature and DC offset.

Construction is Twin-mono, with separate high capacity mains transformers for each channel. The FET output stage is very fast and layouts follow best RF practice with direct signal paths and direct low impedance power supplies.

Remote control of the SPA2-150 is possible using the SCA R remote controller, or any other standard RC5 device. High quality connectors are used throughout including massive WBT terminals.

Styling is complementary to the SCA2 with high quality peened stainless steel covers atop naked aluminium machined corners. A dark grey textured finish is also available to special order.


Output Power: 8 Ohm. Both channels driven 200W
Balanced Input Sensitivity 1V
Balanced Input Impedance 10k Ohm
Balanced Input Common  90dB
Mode Rejection 1kHz
Unbalanced Input Sensitivity 2V
Unbalanced Input Impedance 10k Ohm
Frequency response 5Hz – 200kHz +/-0.1dB
Power response rated Better than 110dB
power 5Hz – 500kHz +/-0.5dB
Crosstalk 1 kHz Better than 105dB
Distortion 1 kHz, rated power Better than -95dB
Remote control (ATC SCA R Handset) On/Off/Standby Remote and Standby indicators
Dimensions 440x146x426 (WxHxD)
weight 26kg

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Peso 30 kg


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