Barefoot Micromain 27 Gen2: Monitor con DSP

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Monitor Autoamplificado 3,5 vías, 5 altavoces con DSP.


Barefoot Micromain 27 Gen2

Barefoot Micromain 27 Gen2: Monitor Autoamplificado 3,5 vías, 5 altavoces con DSP.

  • Precio por pareja
  • 3.5 vías, 5 Altavoces
  • Altavoces: 2x Subgrave 10″ + Medios 1- 5,5″ + Medios 2- 5,5″ + Tweeter 1″
  • Amplificación: 500W + 250W + 250W + 250W
  • Con Tecnología MEME, 4 monitores en uno: HIFI, Flat (plano), OldScl (Yamaha Ns10M) y Cube (Aura)
  • Respuesta en Frecuencias: 30Hz – 45kHz (±3dB) // 40Hz – 40kHz (±1dB)
  • Entrada Analógica y Digital AES/EBU
  • Selector de entrada analógica o digital
  • Selector de canales Izquierdo o derecho para AES/EBU
  • Control de Volumen
  • Nivel de Subgrave
  • Salida para controlador de emulación MEME
  • Puedes encontrar el manual aquí.


The Barefoot Sound MicroMain27 Gen2 takes Barefoot’s all-in-one monitoring concept to new heights.  Unwilling to rest on his laurels, Thomas Barefoot has spent years further refining one of the most revered recording studio monitors in the world.  These refinements preserve the effortless translation Barefoot Sound is known for, but are an evolution, yielding even greater transparency and inner detail.

The MicroMain27 Gen2 retains the same compact form factor with integrated dual 10” force-cancelling subwoofers as its predecessor, but is updated with technology developed in the flagship MiniMain12.  New additions include, ultra-high-quality converters, 1” ring-radiator tweeter, 5.25” extended-range neodymium motor mid-bass drivers, Hypex amplification, AES digital inputs, 1dB stepped attenuator and advanced DSP integration.

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